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Detection Enhancer
Car to Car Communication
Car to car communication
Users can share information and work collectively with RIDE   Simulated car to car communications using signal strength

The Detection Enhancer sensors are the main system that will keep vehicles running autonomously. Vehicles will be equipped with a number of DE sensors, including, headway monitors, which measure the distance between vehicles, traffic light recognition, emergency brake assist, and lane departure warning. This technology is already in use today, so what makes DE sensors unique? Wi-Fi broadcasters/receivers come standard with every package, which will allow vehicles to communicate with one another in their immediate surroundings. Vehicles will use Wi-Fi signal strength and direction to help localize themselves among other vehicles in traffic (

DE sensors will work hand in hand with RI Nodes. The RI Nodes will provide the background instructions while the DE sensors will flesh out those instructions by providing more local information.

The additional benefits of sharing wifi access among vehicles:

  • Communicate on windscreen via Skype connection
  • Customize routes with other users on the fly
  • Surf the Web in concert with other drivers
  • Do business/research with others in proximity while you RIDE
  • Share media on the go
    • Playlists
    • Movies
    • Games

Route Identification System

route identification
detection enhancer
Detection Enhancer
The Detection Enhancer system helps vehicles make decisions based on sensory input _
Communication link
The DE wifi system also allows user communication and file sharing